Anyone who’s paid any attention to films lately knows that certain stars get paid more than others. They are simply a larger box office draw. However, I would say that the director of the film probably has a greater effect on the quality of the film. The director shapes the setting, the mood, the music, the individual shot, and often the dialogue as well.

So that’s why I gathered a collection of my reviews sorted by director. No, I’m not going to do this with every single film I review, but it is nice to compare and contrast famous directors. One side note however: the overall score will skew toward younger, less experienced directors, as lesser famous films by more famous directors will garner more attention. I’m more impressed by Woody Allen and Alfred Hitchcock’s resume than that of Paul Greengrass or J.J. Abrams.

J.J. Abrams (+3.0)

Ben Affleck (+3.7)

Woody Allen (+2.9)

Paul Thomas Anderson (+2.8)

Wes Anderson (+2.8)

Danny Boyle (+1.6)

James Cameron (+3.8)

Joel and Ethan Coen (+2.4)

Francis Ford Coppola (+2.6)

Alfonso Cuaron (+2.8)

Guillermo del Toro (+2.2)

Jonathan Demme (+3.3)

Clint Eastwood (+3.2)

David Fincher (+2.75)

Paul Greengrass (+3.0)

Alfred Hitchcock (+3.1)

Alejandro Inarritu (+3.0)

Stanley Kubrick (+3.4)

Ang Lee (+3.6)

Richard Linklater (+3.6)

Michael Mann (+1.6)

Christopher Nolan (+3.6)

Martin Scorsese (+2.6)

Ridley Scott (+2.3)

Steven Soderbergh (+2.6)

Steven Spielberg (+3.2)

Quentin Tarantino (+3.4)

William Wyler (+3.5)