Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazahkstan (2006)
(R) 84 mins

Iíve seen a lot of people devoted to comedy. Charlie Chaplin. Peter Sellers. Bob Hope. Johnny Carson. Groucho Marx. These people made comedy their lives. Yet I donít believe Iíve seen anyone as devoted to their craft as Sacha Baron Cohen. The devotion he shows to his character is beyond anything Iíve ever seen. How he pulls the stunts that he does I have no idea. So what are some of the stunts he does? Well, I donít want to give anything away, so Iíll just tell you what exactly his character is.

He plays a man who hails from Kazahkstan, where (apparently) women are kept in cages, and Jews are the biggest threat to the countryís well-being. His sister is the 4th biggest prostitute in the country. He kisses people to say hello. Those facts alone arenít funny; itís how he is able to play those cards in various circumstances, which is where his brilliance is shown. A good way to put is what I read in anotherís description of the film: calculated ignorance. He knows how to push peopleís buttons and test peopleís limits from his Ďignorance.í Example? He meets with three feminists and laughs when one says women should be equal to men. Another example? He greets everyone on the subway in New York with a kiss on the cheek. Thereís many, many more throughout the film, but to give anything else away would be to take away from the experience that is ĎBorat.í And quite an experience it is.


Oscar Nominations
Best Adapted Screenplay