Duck Soup (1933)
(Passed) 68 mins

ĎDuck Soupí is probably the best Marx brothers film youíll ever see. And thatís saying a lot. Honestly though, much of the film is pretty standard Marx brothers stuff. Chico and Harpo team up to antagonize a bunch of different people. Cutting their pockets, lighting their hats on fire, things like that. Groucho has his usual brand of one-liners and non-sequiturs. Donít get me wrong, itís all hilarious. But nothing out of the ordinary.

What makes this film truly great is pretty much one sequence in particular involving Groucho and Harpo. How many times they had to film that I have no idea. But itíll probably go along with the climactic scene in ĎThe Naked Guní and the random scene in ĎLife of Brianí as one of the funniest bits in film history.