The Matrix (1999)

My vote for the coolest movie of all time. Not only does it have unsurpassed special effects, over the top action sequences and brilliant camera work, but it also has one of the most mind-blowing twists. How many action flicks are there that get discussed in a philosophy class? Oh yeah, did I mention the special effects? Pretty good. And I have to say that Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) plays the best villain I've seen, well, probably ever. His voice, his facial expressions and mannerisms truly shows his 'hatred' for mankind. As amazing as the movie is, there's still one thing that bothers me. Laurence Fishburn (Morpheus), Carrie Anne-Moss (Trinity), Joe Pantaliano (Cypher), and even Marcus Chong (Tank) do a good job of creating personalities to give them character. Keanu Reeves is the protagonist, and what do we know about him? That he's into computers? That he's the one? That's pretty much it. He really cannot act and this movie, already one of the best movies I've seen, would be even better with someone else in the lead role. By the way, look out for some pretty dazzling special effects.


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