Meet the Parents (2000)

After the success of 'Scary Movie,' and 'American Pie' more and more films are leaning towards grossing out the audience for laughs instead of coming up with creatively funny situations. Why spend time writing something funny when you can show someone farting or shitting and get the same amount of laughs. Then along comes 'Meet the Parents,' which does nothing of the sort, and is far and away the funniest movie of 2000. Ben Stiller, one of the finest comedic actors in Hollywood, is trying to impress his girlfriend's father, Robert DeNiro, and only manages to make things worse and worse through a series of events that Murphy's Law couldn't even predict. But the highlight of the film is clearly Stiller and DeNiro, Stiller giving the awkwardly funny performance that only he could give, and DeNiro being the overbearing, intimidating figure that he knows how to be.