Memento (2000)
(R) 113 mins

One of the most brilliant films ever made. I honestly canít think of a smarter script. The concept itself is intriguing: a man who has no short term memory, in a quest to find his wifeís killer. But the stroke of genius: the film plays each scene in reverse chronological order. So at the beginning of each scene, weíre placed in the mindset of Leonard, who has to figure out how and why heís in the situation heís in. It doesnít end there, though. The film explores pretty much every possibility of how a man of Leonardís condition can be manipulated.

The script alone is not what makes the film so great. Director Christopher Nolanís use of color and sound in each shot makes each scene visually andÖuhÖsoundingly dazzling. And to top it off, add in three spectacular performances. Guy Pearce was robbed of an Oscar nomination, as he gives easily the best performance Iíve ever seen from him. Joe Pantaliano and Carrie-Anne Moss also give in truly memorable supporting roles. I doubt Iíll ever see a smarter, more enjoyable film.


Oscar Nomations
Best Original Screenplay
Achievement in Film Editing