Psycho (1960)
(R) 109 mins

The first genuine horror flick is probably the best one ever made. First of all, itís Hitchcock, and heís the man. His clever shots, and use of music is pretty much unmatched in this film. Second of all, Anthony Perkins gives Norman Bates all the qualities and intricacies that a Ďpsychoí would have. He seems normal at a glance, but he reveals his imbalances in conversations with some of his motel patrons. Third, and what seems to me to be unique to this film, is the filmís drastic turn it takes midway through. We start off following the story of Janet Leigh, who steals 40 grand from her employer and runs. We follow her story for about 40 minutes, documenting her thoughts, her fears and her plans. She then checks in to the Bates Motel, and everything changes. So yeah, good flick. And donít bother seeing any remakes. They donít come close.


Oscar Nominations
Best Director (Alfred Hitchcock)
Best Supporting Actress (Janet Leigh)
Achievement in Cinematography
Achievement in Art Direction (black-and-white)