Pulp Fiction (1994)
(R) 154 mins

“So three tomatoes are walking across the street. A mama tomato, a papa tomato and a baby tomato. And the baby tomato starts lagging behind and the papa tomato starts to get angry. So he goes back and squishes him and says ‘catch up.’” Ah, ‘Pulp Fiction’. I saw an ad saying that ‘History of the Word: Part I’ was one of the most quoted movies of all time. Uh, no. ‘Pulp Fiction’ on the other hand probably is. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a better written movie in a long time. The dialogue in every scene is among the most memorable in any film. Whether it’s talking about foot massages, quarter pounders with cheese, bad jokes, ‘according to Hoyle’ miracles, or my favorite, the difference between walking the earth and being a bum. And I shouldn’t forget the great shots, the use of music in each scene, the very well written script connecting several seedy stories, and the performances of an all-star cast, each of whom gives an exceptional performance. ‘Pulp Fiction’ is not a film one soon forgets.


Oscar Awards
Best Original Screenplay

Oscar Nominations
Best Picture
Best Actor (John Travolta)
Best Director (Quentin Tarantino)
Best Supporting Actor (Samuel L. Jackson)
Achievement in Film Editing