Raising Arizona (1987)
(PG-13) 94 mins

The quintessential Manbeef joke: "How many Polish people does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three! HAHAHAHA! Oh wait I told that wrong. Why does it take three Polish people to screw in a light bulb? Because they're so stupid! HAHAHA!" Anyways… 'Raising Arizona' has exactly what you'd want from a comedy. Not only does it have a plethora of quotable jokes such as the one above…but it also has characters worthy of a screwball comedy. Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter are the central characters, who can't have a kid, so they decide to kidnap one for themselves. But the film also features several equally eccentric secondary characters, including John Goodman, Willam Forsythe, and Frances McDormand. I can only think of one film which has a more screwball script and roles: 'A Fish Called Wanda'. Pretty good company. Incidentally, this is one of the Coen Brothers' first films.