Silence of the Lambs (1991)
(R) 118 mins

Iíve mentioned before that there are a few performances that merit being nominated for the best performance ever: Daniel Day-Lewis in ĎMy Left Footí, Robert De Niro in ĎRaging Bullí, and Iíd have to add Anthony Hopkins in ĎSilence of the Lambsí into the mix. His character Hannibal Lector was recently voted #1 villain of all-time. And rightfully so. I donít think I can imagine anyone else in a scene where he enjoys listening to Mozart with another manís blood on his face. And no, Iím not sure if itís Mozart, so if youíre a Chopin fan and you feel slighted donít email me.

Anyways, the film isnít solely about Hopkinsí performance. In fact, heís largely external to the main driving force of the film. The story revolves around the investigation of a serial killer named Buffalo Bill (who happens to be the same guy who plays the Chief of Police on ĎMonk. Go figure). In fact, ĎSilence of the Lambsí is one of only three films in history that won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director. Jodie Foster plays Clarice Starling, an FBI trainee whoís assisting the investigation. Although sheís slightly overshadowed in the film, she is able to play the role with equal parts strength and vulnerability. Plus she completely mastered the ability to use a West-Virginian accent at her disposal; at times itís right there for everyone to hear, at other times itís barely detectable. Pretty impressive.

But whatís most impressive is the unparalleled direction. Not only is the film excellently performed, itís a top-rate thriller with an extremely intense climax. ĎSilence of the Lambsí is a film that truly excels in all dimensions.


Oscar Awards
Best Picture
Best Director (Jonathan Demme)
Best Actor (Anthony Hopkins)
Best Actress (Jodie Foster)
Best Adapted Screenplay

Oscar Nominations
Achievement in Sound
Achievement in Film Editing