Some Like it Hot (1959)

AFI ranked this as the funniest movie of all time. I guess I do have my own preferences, like ĎThe Naked Guní or ĎAirplane,í but Iím not upset that this is #1 on the list. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis play two musicians who witness a mob hit, and in order to hide out, disguise themselves as women in an all-girl band. Curtis immediately falls for Marilyn Monroe, the bands lead singer. So, in order to woo her, he dresses up as a millionaire. Lemmon naturally has a suitor of his (her) own. Hilarity ensues. More importantly, the film progresses quite rapidly and never falls into a lull in order to push a certain joke. Although the film isnít quite the same humor as todayís more punch-line oriented jokes, but itís quite the enjoyable experience.


Oscar Nominations
Best Actor (Jack Lemmon)
Best Director (Billy Wilder)
Best Adapted Screenplay
Achievement in Cinematography (Black and White)
Achievement in Art Direction (Black and White)

Oscar Awards
Achievement in Costume Design (Black and White)