Young Frankenstein (1974)
(PG) 106 mins

Iím so delicious. Itís hot hot. Iím fergalicious. I put the boys on rock rock. Sorry, Iím not a fan of stupid, catchy songs but that one is stuck in my head. At least for a little bit it wasnít. Mel Brookís spoof of Frankenstein movies is quite simply, hilarious. Thereís really not much more I can say than that. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (Itís pronounced Fronkensteen, played by Gene Wilder) goes to Transylvania and discovers his grandfatherís work. He of course has his assistant Igor (Itís pronounced eye-gore, played by Marty Feldman), his other lovely assistant Inga (Teri Garr) and the creepy Frau Blucher (watch out for the horses). The real scene stealer, of course, is the monster, played to perfection by Peter Boyle. Two scenes come to mind: the scene with him and the blind man (Gene Hackman) and the scene where the monster is introduced. The latter is probably one of the funniest scenes ever recorded on film. Aside of course, the finale to ĎThe Naked Guní. But thatís the subject for another discussion. "He'll have an enormous schwanstuka."

Oscar Nominations
Best Adapted Screenplay
Achievement in Sound