Simply stated, you can’t disprove ‘The Matrix’. How we experience life in general can all be reduced to nerve signals sent to the brain. There’s no way around it.


Light rays reflect off various objects and fly (or whatever you call what they do) towards your eye. Your eye captures the image and sends the signal to your brain. For a perfect example of this, think of a camera. A camera captures an image and is able to transform it into an electrical signal. The eye acts in just the same way.


Sound behaves much like a wave. These waves are created in various ways, through friction or two objects making contact. Your eardrum collects these waves and sends the signal along to your brain. For an example of this, think of a microphone. It can capture a sound, transform it into an electrical signal, and send the signal to a speaker, which can decipher the signal and turn it back into a sound.


Certain molecules have various odors associated with them. Your nose picks up on these odors and sends the signal to your brain. There aren't any real world machines that operate in similar fashion, but I'm sure if there were profit to be made of it, there would be. Taste

Very similar to smell, certain objects have bitter, sweet, sour or spicy tastes associated with them. Your tongue is able to pick up on these through your taste buds. It then sends the signal to your brain. Once again, there is no real world machine that operates in similar fashion. But for proof of this as strictly a function of your mouth and nose, look up anosmia. Or try plugging your nose before putting a peppermint into your mouth. Now let go. Pretty cool.


Nerve endings along your skin can detect pressure or contact with another object and send the signal to your brain through a nerve network. Just like an amputee may feel pains on their “ghost limbs”, what you feel is simply a signal sent to your brain. Those who are paralyzed are so because of damage done to the spinal cord, which is the central transmitter for your neural network of your body.