Iíve learned a trick to opening up paragraphs that I donít know how to open: talk about how difficult it is to open a paragraph. So thatís essentially what Iím doing with this sentence. And this one too. But now I need some sort of transition into what I wanted to talk about when I opened up Microsoft Word on my laptop.

As you can probably guess, this is more of a philosophical writing than odd observational humor. Simply stated, I believe that human beings and all forms of life are nothing more than organic machines. We operate according to various algorithms, which we are running constantly. And I intend to prove it.

The only problem with that is my ADD. I canít sit down and write everything out in one sitting. So Iíll do it in installments like this. Iíll write one part of my argument, then probably forget about it for a few weeks, then sit down and write some more. Sound good? No? Well I donít care what you think cuz thatís how Iím doing it.