African-Americans (2/23/06)

Recently, a man by the name of Shani Davis won the gold medal in the Menís 1000 meter speed skating. The significance? He was the first African-American to win an individual medal in winter Olympic history. I guess there were a couple of people who won team medals. I think Jerome Iginla won one in Salt Lake on the Canadian hockey team. Regardless, it doesnít matter who it was, as my point doesnít have much to do with it.

My point rests in the illogic of political correctness, and how it must cease. If you read what I said above, it was that Shani Davis was the first African-American to win an individual gold. Think about that for a moment. African-American. What if Davis had been from France or something? Would he still be the first African-American to win gold? But how can he be ĎAmericaní if heís never been to America? Do we need another term for him then? African-Eurasian? That doesnít make sense though.

Further complicating matters is a point that was made recently by Stephen Colbert. He interviewed a congressman (I forget his name) who was born in South Africa. The thing is, he was white. So technically, heís an African-American also. But how can someone be African-American and Caucasian?

Thatís why we need a new term to describe someone of African descent. So what would be a good term to describe some such person without offending anyone? Is Negroid offensive? Iíll keep that under consideration. For now, I will just refer to any African-Americans as black. That should work, right?