Chinese Food (12/1/05)

So the other day I was at the mall getting some Chinese Wok or whatever itís called (isnít that title redundant?), when it hit me. Everyone who works at a Chinese food place is Chinese. When you first think about it, you think ĎDuh Ddot.í But letís take a deeper look into it.

Everyone at every Chinese food place Iíve eaten at contains only Chinese employees. Ever. Thatís a lot of Chinese places. Thatís a lot of Chinese people. And I have to say that it makes somewhat sense. Deep down, people expect Chinese people to make the best Chinese food. Itíd be weird seeing some six-foot plus guy with blond hair and blue eyed guy making my szechuan chicken. But come on. Is it really that difficult to take fried chicken and add some thick sauce to it? We should be able to conquer our narrow-mindedness and realize that food is food. Iíd rather eat food from a Smith that went to culinary school then a Chang who didnít regardless of whether itís ĎChineseí or not. I look forward to the day where someone who takes my order over the phone is somewhat comprehensible. Until then, Iíll just have to deal with it.

Another thing I donít get: where do they find all these Chinese employees? Iíve been to family owned restaurants, and that makes sense that they would all be Chinese. But letís say you want to open a Chinese buffet somewhere. You obviously canít hire some white guy, so what do you do? Where do you go? You canít just put up a sign that says ĎNow Hiring; Chinks Only.í It just doesnít work.

And that brings me to my last point. In this country, we are still forced to comply with affirmative action, which forces companies to hire a certain percentage of African Americans and other minorities. If I was a black guy, could I apply and sue once I got rejected? Maybe Iíll just open my own Chinese place for all those who feel neglected; to those who applied for jobs as chefs but were told that they Ďwerenít Asian enough.í Yes, I will be a hero to all the masses. Anyone want to lend me twenty grand to get me started?