Thank You Glenn Beck (3/27/10)

The following is a letter written from a self-proclaimed liberal to Glenn Beck:

Dear Mr. Beck,

Thank you. For all that you’ve done for your cause. You have almost single-handedly taken the once formidable Republican Party and run it off the rails. Conservatives were once concerned with valid issues, such as terrorism and welfare reform. Instead, most are now concerned with shooting down Liberal ideas, complaining about government in general, and entertaining conspiracy theories about President Obama. (i.e. Is he a socialist? Was he born in this country?)

The health care debate is a perfect example of why you make this country better. If there’s one thing that the majority of the country can agree upon, it’s this: health care needs improvement. Statistically speaking, the U.S. lags behind most industrialized nations when it comes to the quality of health care, despite the fact that per person we spend far more than any other country in the world. People spend larger and larger portions of their paycheck towards health care and get less and less in return. Democrats acknowledge this and, whether you agree with it or not, are trying to find a solution to these problems. What is your solution, Mr. Beck? Nothing. One of your rallying cries is “Hands off my health care!”

It’s hard to say definitively how much of an effect your efforts had on this, but Republicans refused to participate in the health care debate. As a result, Democrats were able to pass through congress one of the largest bills since the New Deal.

That’s it in a nutshell, Mr. Beck. While Democrats were coming up with ideas, you and your fellow “Tea-Partiers” were too busy getting angry. Did you offer any rational ideas to the proceedings? No. You encouraged protests, in which most of the protestors didn’t really protest anything except big government in general. Instead of having a coherent message, most were content to shout racial epithets at African American congressmen and spit on others.

What do you think the average person thinks of this? I am not a conservative myself; I do however know many whose intelligence I respect and whose opinions I value. There are intelligent people who believe that the free market is more efficient than government-run programs. Let me assure you: they look at the actions of you and other “Tea-Partiers” and shake their head.

During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama was quoted as saying that the Republican Party was the party of ideas over the previous 10-15 years. Many intelligent people praised Republican leaders like Ronald Reagan and his free-market tilted policies. Thanks to you and your efforts, the Republican Party has now become the party of fear, anger and paranoia. If you and your followers don’t want to participate in how our government is run, be my guest. Don’t. Us Liberals would love to do it for you.

So please Mr. Beck, I encourage you. Continue spouting conspiracy theories and fomenting anger from Conservatives. Let Sarah Palin be the face of your party. Sure, you and her may succeed in gaining populist support from rural America. But myself, other liberals, and others who simply value intelligence over rabble-rousing will vote Democratic. We’ll get things done in Congress while you sit and stew about it.


Derek Mendes