The Definition of Bad Luck (1/13/07)

As someone who firmly believes that the rational and logical control all aspects of reality (cause and effect), it pains me to say the following: I have horrible luck. And here’s a perfect example as to why:

In the past 3 years…in ‘money games’, games that I’ve said I would bet on (but didn’t)…I’ve gone 53-34 (winning 61% of the time). In the same interval…in games where I’ve actually bet money…I’ve gone 3-12 (winning 20% of the time).

Statistically, that’s almost a sure thing of the following: my betting on a game has a significant negative affect on the outcome of said game. The rational side of me has to ask the question, “How does my betting on a game have any affect on its outcome?” But at the same time, I have to look at the results. With such a large sample size, the above is essentially proof that I have, in fact, horrible luck.