Some thoughts on Music

Okay I haven’t updated this in a while, as I haven’t really had anything that bothered me that merited putting up a few paragraphs on the topic. I disagree with Bush’s whole Social Security plan, but that’s not a subject that I find interesting enough to dote on. Besides, enough columnists have written enough about it. For once, or should I say, for now, Bush is playing the diplomacy card in Europe, which is a step in the right direction, but I still disagree strongly on his policy towards the trade embargo on China and the Kyoto agreement.

What I will do is post a few thoughts regarding the Grammies and music. Ray Charles won Album of the Year, making it something like 5 out of the last 6 years the oldest performer nominated for the award will win it. Boooo. Give it to Kanye West; he deserved it. So did Green Day. What does it say about an album that when I hear ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ on the radio, it feels out of place because it’s not in the context of the album. I also gotta give props to Nelly. You may not like him or think he’s too ‘pop.’ You may change the station every time ‘Over and Over Again’ comes on (I know I do). But I’m glad he’s making music. In an era when everyone else tries to be above all else marketable and try to repeat the success of other artists, Nelly’s doing his own thing. To use a trite expression you might have heard on ‘The Apprentice’ recently, he’s thinking outside the box. I like that. I’d take Nelly over Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff any day. Musically anyway.

Okay, now what the hell is Mariah Carey doing? Do stuff that you did back in the early 90s, like ‘Fantasy’ or ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’. On her new single, she’s collaborating with Jermaine Dupree. Ugh. What happened to Destiny’s Child? Their last couple albums were full of catchy singles. Their first two on this album are, well, lacking. Not a big ‘Soldier’ fan. I like that new Snoop song with JT, but I still don’t understand what the hell ‘Drop it Like it’s Hot’ is about. “When the pigs try to get at you / Park it like it’s hot.” What the hell does that mean? Park it like it’s hot? Why would I park my car if it’s hot? Or does that even mean parking a car? Grr. I guess I’ll just listen to Mario (he matured awfully fast) or Trick Daddy. “Sugahhh on my tooongue…” Oh yeah.