Sometimes a simple observation can really make ya think. The other day, I was asking Rachel about her signature, as I’d never seen it before. She initially refused, as she said that it was a childish signature. She then showed it to me, and said, “See, look, you can see every letter.”

As I stated above, this is a simple observation. This is how our society works. To put what she said another way, according to society, the less legible one’s signature is, the ‘better’ it is. Think about that for a moment. We can all agree that it’s true, but the question comes up…why?

My only guess is that people believe that the more important someone is, the less time they have to sign something. Such as a political figure. A mayor has to sign a bunch of bills in order for them to become law and he doesn’t want to agonize over it. Or a doctor. They have to sign a lot of prescriptions and they have patients to see, so they only really sign their initials and scribble next to them.

Where in history this happened I couldn’t say. Perhaps it was with the advent of the credit card in 1951, where people signed more and paid cash less. Or maybe when checks became more and more prevalent. But all I can say is that the idea really doesn’t make much sense.